Sporting Spirit


For a number of years the Society has made a presentation to the club considered to be the most welcoming to visiting referees, presenting their club in an organised manner on match days whilst extending a sporting welcome to their opponents both on and off the field. Referees mark clubs against set criteria and these results are collated. This had become a sought after trophy for clubs. The winning Club is presented with the trophy at the Society’s Annual Dinner in November.

In the last couple of seasons, the drop in games played post Covid, and a large number of unplayed games in Sussex has led to very low number of valid matches being played, especially at the lower levels which badly affected the small Clubs.  Combined with the very poor response rate from Sussex Referees and an administative problem with Sussex first teams who play in the Southeast Federation (levels 6,7 and 8) being left out of the SS scheme – it was decided that the Sporting Spirit Trophy has outlived its purpose and has been withdrawn, Many thanks to all the referees and Clubs that have supported theis over the years.

For those who are interested here is a link to a compilation of the SS results since 1986. Many Clubs have since disappeared mainly trade or businesses (e.g. British Airways and American Express)